Archaeology volunteers required to help excavate sites in Romania

  • Archaeology volunteers required to help excavate sites in Romania
  • An innovative archaeology programme run by Projects Abroad in Romania is proving a big success with volunteers. Based around the historic town of Brasov in Transylvania, considered to be an area of huge archaeological importance, volunteers are assisting local archaeologists in digging, cleaning and recording information. Artefacts dating to 4000 BC have been found as well as Greek, Roman and Dacian remains.

    Thrace, Dacia and Goths

    Dacia was a Roman province corresponding roughly to modern Romania. Inhabited before the Christian era by a people from Thrace who had an advanced material culture, the region was abandoned to the Goths after AD 270. It is a region steeped in history and volunteers will be able to join some of the many excavations taking place. Work varies, but between April and October, there are opportunities to help on an archaeological digs, and help take part in the restoration of a medieval church. Volunteers out of ‘digging’ season, can work in the local archaeology and history museum.

    Archaeology in Romania

    More Volunteers Needed

    George Ciotlausi, graduate of Anthropology and Head of Archaeology for Projects Abroad in Romania says, “Romania is on the frontier of three cultures: Western, Oriental and Byzantine. All of them have left marks here; some are found in daily Romanian life today and others are hidden in the deep in the ground. Archaeology volunteers have the opportunity to discover parts of this, step by step. We need more volunteers, more people to dig, more people to catalogue, more people to uncover the past. We’ll use the skills you have to offer us. We need interested diggers through to trained archaeologists.”

    For further details please look at our website For more information on art, culture and social issues in Brasov please see Projects Abroad’s volunteer magazine:

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