Law firms in China commend Projects Abroad interns

  • Law firms in China commend Projects Abroad interns
  • Projects Abroad now offers the chance to do an internship with a Law firm in a truly unique environment. There are a wide variety of legal areas in which interns work, including corporate, financial and criminal law. All placements are based in Shanghai.

    James Fones of Grandall Legal Group - based in Shanghai - wrote to Projects Abroad recently to praise the work done by our interns. He said: “Working with interns from Projects Abroad has been educational for both of us. Each intern in his / her own capacity brought with them superb skills and resources. Even the high school interns were top notch and contributed to our firm. The university and post graduate level interns were qualified to work with any firm in the international community. Projects Abroad should be proud of its selection criteria and the results. I have never been let down by an intern. On the contrary, my business client's enjoy working with the teams and our reputation is enhanced by them.”

    Law in China

    The firm focuses on M & A’s and IPO’s. In addition, as the Foreign Legal Consultant, they work on funding and start-up companies in need of financial support. The firm's Attorneys are the best China has to offer and are not shy in asking the interns to participate at all levels of business transactions. An effort is made to tailor projects for the interns in accordance with their personal education specialty and goals. This allows the interns to grow in the field of their choice. In addition, introduction to Chinese business and social customs is emphasised so the interns may return with knowledge that is immediately useful in their respective countries.

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    Set up in 1992, Projects Abroad specialises in offering students and others a diverse range of projects and destinations throughout Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America. Projects Abroad offers 80 different placements to 3,500 volunteers per year in areas such as sport, medicine, teaching, conservation, journalism, care, business and community development.


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    Photograph within release shows an intern at Longan Law firm

    Additional photographs and interviews with Projects Abroad volunteers are available upon request.

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