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St Louis is pointed out on a map of SenegalVolunteers on a two week special in Senegal, Africa.
St Louis is pointed out on a map of Senegal

Groups looking to volunteer in Senegal will find themselves enthralled in a world of contrasts; from arid desert land in the north to tropical jungle in the far south, cool breezes along the coast to furnace-like heat in the interior and from modern commercial centres to isolated mud-hut settlements. Whether your group want to mingle with the trendsetters of urban Africa or be alone with their thoughts and the sounds of nature, you'll all find your place in Senegal.

Whether it’s helping to renovate, care and teach in a childrens centre, or helping to improve the daily lives of street children in a drop-in centre, your group will all make a positive impact on the local community as well as experience this amazing country.

General information on Senegal

Volunteers get involved with some arts and crafts with the children in Senegal
Volunteers get involved with some arts and crafts with the children in Senegal

Since gaining independence from the French in 1960, Senegal has become one of the most politically stable countries in Western Africa. The French influence still remains within the language so any groups or volunteers who are fluent or are looking to improve their French language skills should definitely consider Senegal as their project destination.

Huge importance is given to hospitality in the Senegalese culture that it is widely considered to be part of the national identity; this means that your group can expect to be welcomed straight into the country and the community.

Where we are based in Senegal

Projects Abroad has its office in Saint-Louis, a town approximately four hours north of the hectic capital city, Dakar.

With its colonial architecture, shady streets and patisseries, Saint-Louis is perhaps the most ‘French’ of all the Senegalese towns. At the same time, it provides a fascinating insight into the every-day lives of the Senegalese as their country continues to change and develop.

Travel and Tourism in Senegal

Group of volunteers having fun on sand dunes in Senegal, Africa
Group of volunteers having fun on sand dunes in Senegal, Africa

In the evenings and at the weekends, groups get the chance to explore both their local town and other parts of the country with their free time. With the thriving town of Saint-Louis all around, with its vibrant music scene and its sandy beaches, groups will always find something to do when the evenings roll around.

At the weekends we can integrate trips into your project so that your group gets to really explore the diversity that Senegal has to offer. This may include a trip to other cities like the capital; Dakar, a visit to the beautiful beaches of Cap Skiring, a visit to Parc National des Oiseaux de Djoudj which is home to one of the most important bird sanctuaries in the world, or even the chance to watch some of the greatest jazz musicians from around the world when they visit Saint-Louis for its internationally renowned jazz festival at the end of May!

While you are volunteering abroad in Senegal you can learn or improve your French, immerse yourself in local culture and enjoy the experience of West-African life by experiencing traditional villages and cultural centres. However you choose to spend your time, Senegal will always have something to suit every taste.


“The atmosphere in the desert was amazing - the sand dunes were simply breathtaking, and I will never forget the night we spent sleeping outside under the stars, telling riddles and stories around a campfire.”Hannah

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