Volunteering as a Group in the South Pacific with Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad Fiji Shark Conservation volunteers take part in a dive

As a group volunteering with Projects Abroad, you will get the unforgettable opportunity to visit the beautiful South Pacific islands of Samoa or Fiji. Whether you’re a group from school, a bunch of friends from university, a company looking for a corporate trip or an organisation looking to take your skills further afield, you will find a programme and a region to suit your interests! Even if you’re retired or are simply looking for a break from your work or studies, Projects Abroad will be able to help you out.

Projects Abroad has been organising volunteer placements since 1992 and we are now the world’s leading overseas volunteering organisation. We have a host of available placements in all our destinations, which means that we can offer an incredible degree of flexibility – not only can you choose the project that you want, the duration of this project and your own start date, but we will also work with you to find a placement which best suits your abilities and interests.

Projects Abroad also offer other group projects in all destinations that may not be listed on the website, if you would like to find out our full range then feel free to contact us.

Volunteer Destinations

Marine conservation volunteers in Fiji show us that sharks are indeed worthy of our love


There are lots of projects to choose from in Fiji, such as looking after wounded animals on our Veterinary Medicine and Animal care project, caring for underprivileged children in kindergartens or even conducting research on our pioneering shark conservation and protection project if your group is feeling adventurous enough!

More info on volunteering in Fiji.


One of the beautiful beaches on the island of Fiji

Most visitors to Samoa are unaware that it is on the UN’s least developed countries list and it is the poorer areas of cities like Apia which are most in need of volunteer help. Projects Abroad offer a wide variety of group projects in Samoa such as teaching in a local school, working in a local hospital or clinic, teaching a variety of sports in a local school or even taking part in an intensive Samoan language course.

More info on volunteering in Samoa.

Travel & Tourism in the South Pacific

Aside from working, your group will have plenty of free time in the evenings and at the weekends to explore the beautiful landscapes and culture of these tropical islands.

There is plenty of scope for visiting other parts of Fiji and Samoa whilst you are on your project; weekend trips are regularly organised by Projects Abroad staff and volunteers to places like Vanua Levu – a major island which is part of Fiji. Many volunteers also like to spend a period of time travelling further afield, either at the beginning or the end of their trip, and the South Pacific offers all manner of exotic destinations, such as Vanuatu to the west, Tonga to the east and Tuvalu to the north. New Zealand and Australia are also reachable within a few hours, by aeroplane.

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