Case Studies

Case Studies

After seven years of having long hair, I finally had it plaited and cut. I was sponsored per inch and raised over £800 which helped fund my side of the trip. However that's just half the story really. I wanted to do something completely different and meaningful, so the hair went to the little princess foundation. They're a charity that makes wigs for little girls and children suffering chemotherapy based hair loss.

Harry Kyriacou, Seven Kings High School

Fundraising was at times challenging but extremely fulfilling.

My best fundraising event was a quiz night which I did in my village hall. We had 50 guests charging £8 per ticket to take part in the quiz and had home cooked lasagne and garlic bread. My Dad wrote all the questions, and all the drinks had to be bought by the guests to raise as much money as possible.

This event raised £560 which was worth all the effort. My best tip would be sell the tickets before hand, if it involves knocking on people's doors one or two times to collect money you should, because pre-bought tickets ensure the guests will come and give you an idea of numbers.

Another very simple thing to do at every event is to get a bucket and a book of raffle tickets. You tell everyone that if they put £1 in the bucket they get the chance to win half of the contents of the bucket. Draw it at the end of the evening, and it works really well. Even if you make £20 profit everything will help!

Jessie Danger, Warwickshire Girl Guides

Before embarking upon my trip to Ghana, I fundraised primarily through contacting businesses with the hope of sponsorship. I contacted both local and national businesses, detailing what I would be doing while out in Ghana and why I felt it was important to go. Businesses responded incredibly well to this, and were very supportive and generous in their sponsorship with some firms giving £200. I was able to offer advertisement of the firms who sponsored me at other fundraising events to thank them for their support which was well received. I feel the responses I had from firms was so successful as I was very clear in my letter as to the reasons I was going and what drove me. Without this, companies would not understand or relate to my reasons and so, potentially, feel no obligation to sponsor me.

I did use group methods of fundraising; including bag packing, car washing and selling items at events. However, I found writing to firms undoubtedly the most successful way of fundraising. Constructing the letter was time consuming and there were firms who did not respond to my letter but in spite of this, it was extremely successful for me. Receiving sponsorship was incredibly rewarding and allowed me to feel supported in my trip.

Pippa Pudney, Ackworth School

My group and I decided that to fundraise, we would need to do something different; something outside of the box. Although we had done many slightly more traditional methods of fundraising - such as cake sales at school and in several churches, and car washes for teachers - we decided we needed to do something that we hoped had not been done before. And so, we came up with the idea of hosting a movie night in our Sixth Form common room every Friday after school!

Not only was this a great way for everyone to relax after they had endured a seemingly endless week of A Level and GCSE stress, it was also a great success! At the beginning of every week, we asked the students from Years 10 to 13 to make movie suggestions for the movie night, and by Wednesday, we had written the week’s movie on A3 sized posters which we had stuck on the main entrance of the school and the Sixth Form doors. We sold tickets for £2.50, and this included a miniature bag of popcorn (which we made ourselves). We also sold cups of sweet for £1 and drinks for 50p.

At first, we were a bit apprehensive about carrying out this idea, as we thought that it might not work. However, after the first week alone brought in roughly £40, we continued to do this for about four more Fridays. All in all, we raised a total of £110!

Traditional methods of fundraising also raised quite a lot of money for us. Through a single cake sale at a local Church, we raised £277.80, within three hours! We did many more cake sales in other Churches which in total helped us raise another £100. Through cake sales at school, we made roughly £100, and through selling lots of “sweet treats” at the Christmas Bazaar, we made another £50.

Car washes are also a great way to raise money, although I would never recommend doing such a job in the winter, as I had done. Despite getting drenched with cold water by some friends who were lending a helping hand and the cold that I caught afterwards I managed to raise another £50 by washing my teachers’ cars and have a laugh with friends whilst doing so!

All of these methods were more successful than we could have ever imagined! In total, through fundraising alone, we managed to make £687.80! I would highly recommend fundraising at least part of the money, as not only will you be able to raise money to have an amazing volunteering experience in any of our Projects Abroad destinations, but you will also have a lot of fun whilst doing so! Try to raise money through different and entertaining activities. After all, there’s no fundraising without FUN!

Norma Molla, St Anne’s Catholic High School

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