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Fundraising Idea Generator

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Art Exhibition

This could be a great way to fundraise if you have some skills with a paintbrush. Even if you're not, give it a go and pass it off as modern art!


Come rain or shine, everybody loves a BBQ. Charge neighbours, friends and family a small fee to attend your barbeque. If you get them all to bring a bottle or some nibbles, costs should be kept down.


Make your own bingo cards and invite your friends and family around for a few games, or get hold of a local hall for free and make it a community event. Charge them a pound a ticket. Try and get the prizes donated.


Run a raffle on its own, or run it on the side as part of an event you are organising. It’s at the heart of fundraising and if you can get prizes donated for it can be an easy way to raise funds.


Busking on the street can be a great way to fundraise. Make sure you clearly show onlookers that you are fundraising for your trip abroad and interact with them in between playing the guitar, violin, saxophone or whatever your talent may be.

Cake Sale

It’s a classic; let the nations love for British Baking act in your favour. Whether you’re the next Mary Berry or Jamie Oliver, get baking and sell your cakes on to your friends, family, work colleagues or at school or university.

Car Boot Sale

A good way to de-clutter your room or house and raise some money in the process.


Get some talented friends to perform, as well as trying to pull in local bands as freebies and use all your connections to make it as cheap to run as possible. Charge an admission fee and organise a collection during the night.

Cycle, Run, Walk or Swim

Get sponsored to do a particularly challenging activity which people will support you with donations for doing it. Set yourself a goal and meet it. The more you test yourself the more money people will give! Cycle 100 miles, Run 20 miles, Climb a mountain or swim a certain number of lengths in the pool or miles in the sea.

Car Washing

Get some enthusiastic friends and get knocking on your neighbour's doors. Tell them why you are offering to wash their car, to raise money for your trip abroad and chances are they will be happy to pay you for your efforts. Pick a nice day to do it, when people actually want their cars washed (sunny day preferably) and get cleaning!

Dog walk

Get some exercise and raise money at the same time. Offer your services as the neighbourhood as a dog walker and charge per dog per walk. If you don’t know anybody with a dog, network and connect through social media letting people know what you’re doing! If you don’t like dogs, well this one isn’t really for you.

Fairs, Fetes and Bazaars

Get yourself a large space like a hall or a field in your school, college or university and let your imagination go wild. Set up a coconut shy, apple bobbing stand, name the teddy, races, tombola, ‘how many sweets in the jar’ and whatever else takes your fancy.

Sports Match

Ask your local team to play a match in aid of your trip. Organise a raffle at half time and get prizes donated by local businesses. Alternatively, arrange a match amongst your friends. Ask each player to pay a fee to play and buy a small cup or prize for the winning team.

Head Shaving

It is less impressive if you already have a crew cut but for those of you with longer hair and really care about your hair then this could earn you lots of cash. Jessie J did it so why can’t you!? If you aren't feeling brave enough to let go of it on top, human beings look surprising odd missing an eyebrow or two and I’m sure your kind friends and family would be greatly amused to see you like this and cough up in the process!

Human Fruit Machine

Set up a fruit machine with two or three of your friends with real fruit and a few cardboard boxes. Charge 50p a go at a Fete and you can make a killing! It is great fun as well.

Jewellery Making/Selling

Buy beads and wire in bulk and get creative. Should make for some particularly profitable fundraising around Christmas time or Valentine’s Day.

Karaoke competition/display

Rent a karaoke machine (or preferably borrow one for free) and hold an event in your local pub, college bar, or local hall. Sell tickets to attend, or make it a competition and charge people to enter. Get a local company to donate a prize for the winner.

Fashion Show

It’s fun for the people involved in putting it on, for the models walking the runway, and for everyone who comes to see it, especially if they’re watching friends and family members strutting their stuff. Organise it at school or in a local hall and invite the local community as well! Charge an admission fee and this is an opportunity to make some money!

A Spot of Lawn Mowing

Borrow a lawn-mower and drop leaflets through doors, charging a few pound for your services. Make sure the leaflet explains what the money is for, and people will be more inclined to pay and likely to give you larger donations than you expect or ask for!

Non-Uniform Day/ Fancy-dress up

People pay £2 for the privilege of coming to school or work in their ‘normal’ clothes or you set a theme to dress up as. E.g. Christmas could be Christmas jumpers’ day.

Plant Sale

If you can get donations from a nursery or garden centre, then set up a stall and sell the plants for donations within the local communities, make sure you use all connections and think of places that you could sell them.

A Quiz Night

Quizzes are very popular and hence a good way to make money. Pubs are a popular venue, but you could also hold one at a local college, at a day centre for older people or in a town or village hall. Get as many people there as you can and charge per person. There is the opportunity to run a tuck shop on the side if you’re in a hall and of course a quiz night wouldn’t be a quiz night without a raffle. More money towards your trip!

Face painting

Set up a stall face painting. If you can persuade your local shopping mall to let you set up a stall this can be a real money maker. Halloween is a great time to try this one out.

Bag Packing at your local Supermarket

Ask your local supermarket if you can hold a bag packing day. It’s a great way to provide a service to the local community whist raising funds for your trip. Get some buckets to put at the end of the tills as you pack, with poster stuck on them explain your trip and fundraising.


Simple, but effective. Put those empty jam jars to good use or get hold of some buckets and turn small change into a big difference. Go round your school, university or workplace and get people to empty there pockets of spare change.

Poker Tournament

Arrange a poker tournament round yours with your friends and family. You could even make it a community event in a local hall. Proceeds are split between going towards your trip and towards the pot for the players to win. Make sure there is enough of an incentive for players to come, so don’t take too much of a cut! (A lot of the time the winner is kind enough to donate the winnings, you never know!)

Horse Racing Night

Don't worry you don't have to book the local racecourse! The races are on a DVD which is projected onto a large screen either at home, at a local pub or in a hall if you can get one. There are several ways of working these race nights, check it out online for how best to do it! This can be an amazing fundraiser especially if you have friends or family with deep pockets and like a cheeky gamble especially for a good cause!

Something Cool & Crazy

Do something exhilarating such as skydiving or bungee jumping. People are very supportive and generous in there giving when doing scary sponsored events like these.

Come Dine With Me

Everyone has seen the TV programme so why not invite a group of friends to set themselves against each other in a Come Dine With Me competition. Get 4 groups of 4 to compete, with everyone putting in £25. The winner from each group of 4 then plays in a grand final with the winner receiving £100 and the rest going towards your trip! It is a great social event for all involved and will raise a significant amount of cash.

Think Seasonal

If it’s Easter, Christmas or Valentine’s Day, there are copious opportunities to run events relating to them. Whether it’s a Valentine dinner event or it’s an Anti-Valentine party, there are opportunities for fundraising all year round! Think about Easter egg hunts and Santa’s grottos. Be creative, passionate and organised and watch the fundraising target get ever-nearer.

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