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  • Group:Girlguiding Anglia
    Nepal 2017
  • Age:13-18 years old
  • Group Size:9 Guides and 3 Leaders
  • Project:Care & Community
  • Destination:Kathmandu, Nepal
Group photo
Group photo

Following on from their previous trips to Nepal in 2014, Cambodia in 2015 and Costa Rica in 2016, Girlguiding Anglia were ready to embark on their next volunteering trip, this time to join a Care & Community project Kathmandu, Nepal.

After months fundraising, nine guides and three leaders travelled to Kathmandu, Nepal in July to carry out two week’s volunteering work.

What they did

The guides spent the first four days of their trip painting in the Gauri Shankar Secondary School in Kathmandu. They gave the school’s classrooms a much-needed splash of colour, before decorating them with murals. They made the murals educational, with both Nepali and English language, whilst also being bright and eye-catching. As well as painting the guides also planned and ran many educational activities for the children including balloon games, newspaper towers, origami, bridge building techniques and explored aspirations for the future.

Kids playing
Kids playing

During the second week the group travelled to the Olgapuri village just outside of Kathmandu and and went to the Olgapuri vocational school where they met the Nepali scouts and traded scouting/guiding songs and stories. The group also visited the nutritional rehabilitation centre as well as visiting a HIV/AID’s support home. They then returned to the school they had previously been painting in. The guides ran activities such as origami and friendship bracelets, the children enjoyed the songs and games the most. In the afternoon the guides led a dental outreach session with some of the youngest children, aged 4 – 5. They taught the importance of dental hygiene and hand washing, before teaching them how to brush their teeth properly and giving each child a toothbrush.

Group photo
Group photo

Aside from working at the school the group also went on a jeep safari through the national park in Chitwan seeing lots of deer, kingfishers and even a crocodile they also took an ox cart ride to a museum and learnt about the Tharu people. On one afternoon, once they had climbed up its 400+ steps, the girl guides visited the famous Monkey Temple and enjoyed its incredible views. The group also got to experience a cable car ride with amazing views over the valley it was situated in. They then spent some time in the town at the top of the valley, visiting a temple and taking in the bustling atmosphere. The group also took a trip to Pokhara, a lakeside city in central Nepal. There they got to see much of what the beautiful town had to offer such as waterfalls, temples and hanging bridges.


Guides with mountains
Guides with mountains
Both guide groups
Both guide groups

In order for the project to take place, the guides had to fundraise. It’s safe to say that they had got their fundraising strategy down to a fine art that saw the entire group getting involved in a huge variety of events in the many months leading up to the trip. Fundraising included making t-shirts for different guiding events such as the Big Gig and unit camps as well as holding numerous race, bingo and quiz nights. On their final meet up before the trip they worked as a group to bag pack for the shoppers at a supermarket.

On Reflection

  • Guide with girlGuide teaching
    Guide teaching

    “My trip to Nepal was phenomenal; I learnt so much about the culture and about life in a country vastly different from our own. We were also given the opportunity to see some of Nepal’s beautiful cities, landmarks and countryside. I have made lifelong friends on this trip, who I never would have met otherwise. The trip as a whole was absolutely incredible. It was an unforgettable experience, and I am so grateful to have been given such an opportunity.”

    Lorna McBride – Young Leader
  • A photo of Ellie in front of a painted wall at her placement
    A photo of Ellie in front of a painted wall at her placement

    “This trip has been such an incredible experience for me – not only did I feel like I was making a difference for the first time, I got to experience such a vast and rich culture at the same time. I made so many good friends and met some fantastic people. Nepal is a truly beautiful country, particularly the more rural areas, and I hope I can go back one day!”

    Ellie Young – Girl Guide
  • “Nepal is such a vibrant and exciting country and I loved my time there. Our excursions to Pokhara and Chitwan made it clear what breath-taking wildlife Nepal has and the rich culture the country holds. I feel so lucky to have been able to go there with such wonderful people and share this experience with them. In Nepal, we were able to immerse ourselves in the culture. School children and Scouts taught us handshakes, songs, dances, and games which were very unique. Whilst travelling we became aware of the efforts to rebuild following the devastating earthquake.

    We were able to help others by running dental education programmes and redecorating school classrooms. For me, this trip confirmed my wish to help people as a doctor in future. I realised this when we entered the Nutrition and HIV/AIDS centres and saw the children with their mothers and the fantastic work of the Nepal youth Foundation. It is a beautiful country with some of the kindest people I have met who are so generous despite the difficulties their country faces. I would like to thank Girlguiding Anglia for this wonderful opportunity and thank all those who kindly supported me in raising funds.”

    Emma Torrance – Girl Guide
A messy mural painting day for the group
A messy mural painting day for the group

Girl guiding Anglia has worked successfully alongside Projects Abroad since 2014 and will continue to do so – this year’s project is planned to take place in Ghana.

Please click on the dates if you would like to read more about Girl guiding Anglia’s previous trips to Nepal in 2014, Cambodia in 2015 and Costa Rica in 2016. If you would like to learn more about Care & Community in Nepal then please click here.

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