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  • Group:LaSER Guides
    Cambodia 2018
  • Age:15-18 years old
  • Group Size:18
  • Project:Care & Community
  • Destination:Cambodia


On the 28th of July 2018, I and 17 other girl guides left for Cambodia, for a trip of a life time. It was truly an amazing experience and I’m extremely grateful to all those who donated and were able to help me fundraise.

The School

Whilst out there, we in a school for kids aged 13-17. We taught them English and it was great to see such enthusiasm and commitment to learn about our subjects and ourselves. We took time out of our lunches some days to get back early to play football or other playground games with the children. I taught the younger kids (1 year younger / same age as me) about numbers, transport, time, jobs etc and they were lovely.

Playing with Cambodian children
Playing with Cambodian children

Building the path

We also built the school a concrete path, linking the main path to the toilets. This is important so that the students can access all of the toilets in monsoon season. We also painted two of the classrooms giving them a breath of new life. The kids loved helping us with the paint as it’s not something that they would usually be allowed to do. We all miss the kids tremendously and can truthfully say they inspired us just as much as we did them.

Temple steps
Temple steps

The Food

In Cambodia, the food was generally rather nice. There were a few meals with under rated spice charts, leaving us gulping water and chomping ice, but it was an experience I still enjoyed. There were some other foods that everyone tried but all agreed never to eat again. One of these was tarantula. They weren’t as vile as expected, but I felt bad as only a few days prior, I was holding one that belonged to a little girl in a gas station. The crickets were rather nice to eat, and the red tree ants were interesting, almost spicy. But I guess that’s payback for them biting me first.


Weekend Trip

We went on a long weekend trip to Siem Reap where we visited a few of the Buddhist temples, including Angkor Wat at sunrise. It was truly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Whilst out there we took a pottery class lead by deaf guides who were all lovely and smiley although unable to verbally communicate. Whilst doing this I earnt a diploma in Angkorian pottery, which when looking at my creations I find rather amusing.

On Reflection

I found this trip to Cambodia an inspirational experience, as I got to see all the people living on the streets with only a fraction of what I own, but still they were happy. If I were asked what I learnt on my trip, I would say what happiness really is. It is being around those you love and making the most of every experience life throws at you.

    - Anya Richards.


If you would like to learn more about our Care & Community Projects in Cambodia then please click here.

If you would like to learn more about our Care & Community Projects then please click here.

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