Case Studies

  • Group:Warwickshire Girl Guides
  • Age:14-18 years old
  • Group Size:6 Guides 2 Leaders
  • Project:Care & Teaching
  • Destination:Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Warwickshire Girl Guides Mongolia
Warwickshire Girl Guides Mongolia

What did they do?

In July of 2016, a group a 6 Girl Guides from Warwickshire County were selected to join 2 leaders on a Care & Teaching project in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. During their project they split their time so that their mornings were spent working in the Child Smile Day Care Centre helping vulnerable children from the surrounding Gers. They got involved with various activities such as story-telling, singing, dancing, arts & crafts and games. As the day care centre was still being built, they also got involved with a small amount of construction work to ensure that their participation will live on in that centre for years to come. The afternoons were then spent helping to improve the English of 16-18 year old children in a local school through a variety of lessons.

The group had also had word about two families in the ger district area nearby who were struggling and had very little food to eat due to family situations. They decided to pay them a visit and bring with them a variety of supplies and food to keep the family and children going.

Warwickshire Girl Guides Mongolia
Warwickshire Girl Guides Mongolia

During their trip, they also had the opportunity to spend one of their days with a Girl Guiding group from the city at Nairamdal Camp. Both groups got involved with various activities to learn more about each other’s culture and how Girl Guiding works in their countries.

On their weekend days, the group got to visit various tourist spots around the city including the Russian Zaisan Memorial and the Chinggis Khan Statue. They also had the opportunity to visit the Bogd Khan museum, enjoy some traditional Mongolian songs and dances, as well as spending a day and night in a ger camp in the Terelj National Park.

Thoughts from the group

  • Warwickshire Girl Guides Mongolia
    Warwickshire Girl Guides Mongolia

    "This project has really taught me the value of education. I brought with me ideas about what it would be like but I never expected it to be as enjoyable as it was."

  • Warwickshire Girl Guides Mongolia
    Warwickshire Girl Guides Mongolia

    "Mongolia was an absolutely amazing experience that I will treasure forever. You never realise how precious a project like this one at the Care Centre is until you get the chance to be a part of it. It's very special to see that what you are doing is having such a positive impact on children's lives. Thanks go to Projects Abroad and all their staff for helping us whilst we were there."

  • "I feel that the Care Project has made me more confident in speaking in front of people and that the bonds made between us and the children are everlasting."

    Georgia R
  • Warwickshire Girl Guides Mongolia
    Warwickshire Girl Guides Mongolia

    "I have really treasured my time with Projects Abroad. Working with the children and staff I feel has made a big impact of good on me and the community. It has boosted my confidence and self-belief as well as wanting to help vulnerable people in other communities."

  • Warwickshire Girl Guides Mongolia
    Warwickshire Girl Guides Mongolia

    "My time in Mongolia has been an amazing experience and not only has it benefitted the children at the Care Project it has benefitted me as a person. The simple privileges we take for granted, such as sterile water in our homes, are only truly appreciated after seeing the journey some children take in the heat just for water. I have made friendships and memories that will last a lifetime."

    Georgia E
  • Warwickshire Girl Guides Mongolia
    Warwickshire Girl Guides Mongolia

    "Spending time with the children in the sessions and meeting all the amazing people as really helped me to appreciate the things I have at home. Also all of the effort and preparation for the sessions have helped to improve my communication skills and confidence. The exciting weekend activities and brilliant friends have left me with memories that I will cherish for many years to come. For all this I am very thankful.”


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