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  • Group:Young Farmers
    Argentina 2017
  • Age:20-28 years old
  • Group Size:11 members
  • Project:Community Farming
  • Destination:Córdoba & Villa Rumipal, Argentina

James Grant, who recently volunteered with the Young Farmers group, put together an amazing video which  documents the trip described below. If you want to get an idea of what it would have been like to have volunteered on this project in Argentina, through the eyes of the volunteers, then we highly recommend watching his video which you can find by clicking on the large photo above.

The children from the Doctor Horacio Garcia School posing with the Young Farmers group.
The children from the Doctor Horacio Garcia School posing with the Young Farmers group.
In August 2017, 11 volunteers from the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Club came together from various parts of the UK to volunteer in Argentina. All of those involved are passionate about farming and wanted to take their skills across the Atlantic and put them to use on an organic farm in rural Argentina. As the group didn’t know each other prior to signing up, they also had the great opportunity to meet, travel and work alongside like-minded young farmers who all share the same goals.

Volunteering in Argentina

There were three parts to this trip. The first week gave the group the opportunity to live and volunteer in Argentina’s second largest city; Córdoba. Here they were working on developing a vegetable garden at the Doctor Horacio Garcia School so that the children could learn and grow their own food. This also gave the group the opportunity to socialise, play and interact with the children. Being in such a large city, the evening activities ranged from learning salsa, sampling local wines and steaks, and exploring the city.

The group of Young Farmers developing the vegetable garden at the Doctor Horacio Garcia School
The group of Young Farmers developing the vegetable garden at the Doctor Horacio Garcia School

In the second week, the group travelled out into rural Argentina to stay in the small village of Villa Rumipal. Here, they were based in the Pumawaka Nature Reserve working on an organic farm that focuses on sustainable farming.

The Weekend Trip

In the middle of the trip, the group had the weekend to explore some of the amazing rural villages outside of Córdoba, take in the beautiful scenery and they even visited Che Guevara’s house. During this time they also learnt about the history of Argentina by visiting museums and they even spent an afternoon at a ranch learning how to lasso, enjoying a barbeque and riding the horses.

However, words can only describe so much. Lucky enough for us, James Grant documented the entire trip with his camera and put together an amazing video which documents their trip and everything that the group got to do.

If you want to watch the video the please follow the link by clicking here.

In 2017 I was lucky enough to visit Argentina, the city of Cordoba, on a two week Young Farmers Travel trip. I really enjoyed travelling as a group of Young Farmers members as I enjoy meeting new people and working with them. The highlights of my trip were helping complete a vegetable garden at a primary school in the heart of Cordoba city in my first week, and spending 5 nights in a tiny mud hut together in a Nature Reserve north of the city in my second week - a real team bonding experience.

We experienced Argentinian steak and wine, local restaurants and bars. The local people were very friendly and often asked us on the public buses how we were spending are two weeks in their country.

The best experience of them all was making new friends and still having communication with them now. We had a fabulous time away and we have applied to travel again next year, thank you!

Christabel Wilson - Young Farmer Volunteer


For more information on a volunteering as a group in Argentina, please click here.

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