Case Studies

  • Group:National Federation Of Young Farmers Clubs
  • Age:20-27 years old
  • Group Size:8 Girls
  • Project:Help at Local Farm and in Local Schools
  • Destination:Nepal - Edu Farm

Hazel’s perspective

“I always fancied travelling the world however I never really had the opportunity to. A friend of mine had recently returned from one of the Project Abroad volunteering trips to Africa and she wouldn’t stop going on about how good the trip was! National Young Farmers Club had then released this year’s travel trips so I decided to give it a go! I applied for the Nepal trip as I liked the idea of working with children. On the interview day I met the girls who I would be travelling with and they were all really lovely! There were 8 girls in total that I would be travelling with!

Over the two weeks we had lots of tasks to complete, we were helping out at the farm where we were staying (Edu Farm) we helped them get all the fields ready for growing vegetables. We also helped out in local schools teaching them about agriculture in the UK which they found extremely interesting!“

Hazel milking a cow
Hazel milking a cow

Planning and Fundraising

“We all worked individually to raise money for our trips, I was extremely lucky in that I got funding from local businesses and my young farmers club. I also held a frog racing night to help raise funds for my trip, this went really well and I managed to raise £1500 towards my trip.

I took lots of books with me to Nepal to give to the children, I also printed off pictures of agriculture in the uk (Tractors/Animals and machinery) which I gave to the children. “

Travelling, arriving and settling in

“It did take a couple of days to get used to life in Nepal. When we first landed I was extremely shattered as I hadn’t slept for like 24 hours! I was shocked at how hot it was, I was expecting lots of rain, not sunshine and scorching heat! The language was also very different and I struggled to pick word up but I got the basic by the end of the two weeks!

The food in Nepal was amazing, when we got to the farm where we were staying we were greeted with homemade lemonade and popcorn, which was lovely! The accommodation was also brilliant, I loved the fact that we were stopping on a farm, the people at the farm were so lovely and welcoming they really did make us all feel at home and we all soon settled in!”

Project Work - Volunteering

“The whole two weeks was incredible. I really am grateful I got to go on the trip; the work itself wasn’t too manual. The weeks were split with working on local farms and then in local schools. When we were working on the farms we were mostly digging ready so that they could plant vegetables to grow, we also got to work in the rice fields which for me was a pure highlight! I don’t think you can go to Nepal and not work in the rice fields!!

At the school, most of our days were spent educating the children on farm life back in the UK. The children were so amazed at how big our machinery is in the UK. It was so rewarding teaching them and I really was sad when it was our time to go! One of my favourite parts of being with the children was probably playing ‘duck, duck, and goose’ they all really enjoyed it!

The locals were really happy with the work in which we carried out. They were really impressed which was such a lovely feeling!“

YFC with Nepal students
YFC with Nepal students

Project Work – Other activities

“Another activity we were involved in was creating a hedge for a local school to help them be protected when they were playing out. This was particularly rewarding as we knew it would help keep them safe which was a nice feeling! I would love to return to Nepal in a couple of years and see all the work which we completed!”

Weekend Trip Activities

“Our weekend trip was brilliant! We got to go to Pokhara! It took around 8 hours to travel there on the bus which soon flew by as there were loads of sights to see! I loved going on the roads as it was nice to people watch. I was really surprised about how many people walk along the roads, also the amount of mopeds was unbelievable!

We stopped at this lovely little hotel which was really close to the lake, The day we arrived we went for a walk around the lake, I found this really interesting as we had a tour guide who told us lots of interesting facts. Over the weekend he took us round to the local view points and one of the temples. A highlight of the whole trip for me as seeing the mountains, the views were incredible! The temple was also lovely (Apart from the 400 steps to get to it!) it was so peaceful and everyone was so respectful it was lovely to see. Over the weekend we also did some shopping which was nice. A highlight for me was one morning we woke up at 4:30AM to watch the sun rise on the hotel roof top, this really was incredible!”

Pokhara Template
Pokhara Template

On Reflection

  • Hazel with Students
    Hazel with Students

    “I was so sad when it was time to leave, I seriously didn’t want to go home. The trip had been absolutely incredible from start to finish. It was honestly starting to feel like home. I found it very emotional saying goodbye to the staff because over the two weeks they had all been amazing, nothing was too much trouble for them at all!

    I defiantly feel like we achieved what we set out to do. I have also made 8 new best friends which I am truly grateful for. For me the most memorable moments where the smaller moments, in an evening we would sit with the projects abroad staff and drink Nepal tea and play games of UNO. I felt like in this time we really connected and got to know one another a lot better.

    If I was to travel again I would 100% go through Project Abroad, the whole experience has been stress free and amazing and I certainly will be sharing to others how great the trip has been!”


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