Case Studies

  • Group:Young Farmers
    Nepal 2018
  • Age:19-26 years old
  • Group Size:12 Young Farmers
  • Project:Agriculture & Farming
  • Destination:Nepal

Group photo


This last summer I was lucky enough to represent the National Federation of Young Farmers along with 11 other fellow members from all over the country as we headed off on a volunteering trip to Nepal for two weeks.

Agricultural work

The Project

For the first couple of days as we settled in and explored Kathmandu. We spent most of our time at a local school working on their gardens and building two large vegetable patches for them while other volunteers from projects abroad were working on building some more classrooms for them that would better withstand earthquakes. We had great fun meeting all the children and working with them as well as sneaking in a game of football before we left!


Our main project was working at EDU farm, helping them to plant vital trees which would help provide future food and help stop landslides in the monsoon season.

Planting mustard seeds

Rice Fields

We also helped plant the rice fields which was a fantastic experience, and a great mud bath, despite the leeches and jumping spiders! We had to clear the rice paddy first with picks, then we had to stamp the mud down so that it was all under the water, once that was done we panted the rice in close rows.

Planting riceGroup photo

Earthquake Damage

Nepal is still recovering from the last big earthquake they had in 2015, these poles are holding up the buildings. It’s great to have the chance to go over there and help in any way we can, and volunteering is a great way to learn about the culture and their way of life.

Poles holding buildings

Mo Mo

As well as volunteering we also tried making Mo Mo which is one of the popular dishes in Nepal. It’s basically lots of vegetables and spices as a filling in different shaped parcel pieces and is very yummy!

TempleGroup photo

The Farms

We visited different farms around Kathmandu to learn about farming and agriculture in Nepal. We also had a lesson in Nepali language which helped a lot! We went to various different restaurants to try the many delicacies of Nepal, and we even tried yoga. Not to mention the visits to the Garden of Dreams, (this was a fantastic and colourful peaceful garden right in the middle of Kathmandu) the many temples around the city, Nagarkot, Boudhanath, Chobar and Kritipur!


Weekend Trips

Not only did we visit many of the temples including the famous Monkey Temple, but we also went over one of the largest bridges in Nepal, which just fell between two very large cliffs. And we walked over one of the highest swing bridges in Nepal! Luckily we had a very nice Nepali woman who grabbed our hands and dragged us over while laughing at our terrified facial expressions, telling us if she can do it we certainly can, and we did!

TempleBridge walk

On Reflection

Our trip to Nepal was fantastic, the Nepali people are some of the kindest friendliest people I have ever met and I loved every bit of the trip! I would encourage everyone to take the chance and volunteer it’s a fantastic way to meet new people and try things you might never have tried otherwise while helping to make a difference. The trip was a life changing experience and I would definitely go again!

Group photo

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