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  • Who?Groups of at least 5
  • When?Projects have flexible dates and run all year round
  • Where?Bogo City, San Remigio, Philippines

A local woman gets a new home 4 years after her home was destroyed by a typhoon
A local woman gets a new home 4 years after her home was destroyed by a typhoon

The Philippines offers an incredible opportunity to play a valuable role in addressing the issue of sanitation. With more than 3000 homes in the Municipality of San Remigio lacking sanitary toilet facilities, our groups focus on constructing toilet facilities for homes and communities to address local health issues and community concerns.

Our volunteers work to help construct toilet blocks for communities and homes around the Municipality of San Remigio and in Bogo City. Groups will work alongside local builders and tradesmen to learn local construction methods.They will teach you all the necessary building skills needed to take part in this project. All of this work is supervised by our Projects Abroad Building Manager to ensure that every toilet facility is built to a high standard and will fit it's purpose for many years to come.

If your group would prefer to help with the construction of schools and homes, this can also be arranged.

Volunteering on the building project

The Cebu Provincial Health Office has estimated that 715 households (5%) in Bogo City and 3,839 households(26%) in San Remigio don't have proper toilets. Our groups will be working to bring these numbers down by assisting with the following activities:

  • Digging and laying foundations
    Volunteers adding the finishing touches to a toilet block at a local home
    Volunteers adding the finishing touches to a toilet block at a local home
  • Mixing cement
  • Setting up fixed columns
  • Steel matting
  • Cutting plywood
  • Cutting coco lumber
  • Roof framing
  • Installing purlins and roofs
  • Plumbing (piping works for sewer and water line)

You do not need previous building experience to take part in this project; although anyone who does have relevant skills will be very welcome and will be able to take in a more specialised role. You should, however, be reasonably physically active and be prepared for working outdoors in a variety of weather conditions.

Our work in Bogo City and in the municipality of San Remigio follows on from our previous Disaster Rehabilitation Project which concluded in August 2016. This focused on areas in the northern part of the Cebu Island where a total of 874 classrooms were destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, according to the Department of Education. Our groups aided in the reconstruction of schools and homes following this devastating storm.

On Cebu Island the beaches in the north and southwest offer the classic combination of white sand and clear seas with spectacular diving or snorkelling. It really is a beautiful country with an abundance of attractions to see and explore.

This placement is fully researched, safety audited and risk assessed in accordance with the British Standard BS8848 for the Adventure Travel Sector.

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