Volunteer as a group on a Care or Teaching Project overseas

A volunteer and her students act out a story together.
A volunteer and her students act out a story together.

If you have a group enthusiastic to help out in a developing country then working on a care or teaching project overseas is a great opportunity. In every country that Projects Abroad works there is a real need for help in local care centres and schools. Enjoy a meaningful travel experience with a warm welcome from local students and staff alike. You can make a big difference whether you’re organising a game of football for some of the children or helping to teach them English. The options are endless and our staff will be there to support you with resources and ideas.

A volunteer reads to children in Ghana during a pitch-side reading session after their game of football.
A volunteer reads to children in Ghana during a pitch-side reading session after their game of football.

What you will be doing

Your group will be working with young people in care centres and schools alongside local staff. The activities you plan can fit in with your areas of expertise. If you have a group of drama students putting on a play can work really well or if you have some artists why not organise an art exhibition and invite along the local community? A football tournament amongst the children is always popular or try introducing a sport that they haven’t played before.

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How Care Projects make a difference

At all of our Care Projects, we use a secure and anonymous database to track the development of the children and adults that we work with. Working with the database allows our staff and volunteers to monitor individual progress and identify specific areas of need related to the goals outlined in our Care Management Plans. By using the database, we can create specialised checklists to address these needs and achieve our goals. At most of the placements we work with, these checklists are designed to assess levels of English, numeracy and overall development according to the rate at which their age group should reach important developmental milestones. Other placements have checklists that focus on providing resources and educating children about proper hygiene. This means that volunteers’ work is structured, has a clear purpose and gives each volunteer the chance to make a direct impact at their placement, even if they’re only there for a short time.


Teaching the next generation

If your group would prefer to work with slightly older children then we can always arrange for you all to volunteer as teachers in a school. The group would work alongside local teachers as assistants, teaching students in primary schools and high schools. As part of our long-term development goals, you will all be involved in helping to improve the learning environments for students around the world. Resources across our destinations vary, and classes are often overcrowded. Your help is much appreciated, especially when it comes to giving students vital individual attention to support their studies.

Similarly to our Care projects, the progress of all of the children that we teach is tracked overtime. Our volunteers help us to track every child's ability to read, write and speak in English. This allows us to ensure that every child receives the same level of education and that any areas that need addressing can be prioritised by the next volunteer.

Your group don't have to be teachers to volunteer on our Teaching projects, and there is no need to have a TEFL qualification to gain work experience in any of our overseas destinations. Furthermore, you don't even need to speak the local language. Our Teaching programme is open to all volunteers whether you are on a gap year, at university or wanting a career break. All we require is a good standard of spoken English.

This is also a great opportunity for any teachers taking a group of students away as it gives your students the experience of being in front of a class and presenting their ideas. For many, it is an eye opening experience to be put in the shoes of those that they look up to everyday and to see what a classroom is like when the roles are reversed.


Combining projects

A female volunteer teaches her class while on a group trip abroad.

These Care and Teaching Group Projects can be combined with other projects so that you could combine working for a week on a conservation project with working in a local care centre or school. A popular combination for groups is to combine a care project alongside a community project. This might mean working with children in the morning and helping to paint the care centre in the afternoon or helping to build a medical centre alongside organising activities in a local kindergarten. If you want to combine projects get in touch and find out what you can do. You can call us on 01903 708316 or email us at groups@projects-abroad.co.uk and we can put together a provisional itinerary for you.

Where you can go

Projects Abroad have Care and Teaching Projects available in Argentina, Bolivia, Cambodia, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador (Galapagos Islands), Ethiopia, Fiji, Ghana, Jamaica, Kenya, Madagascar, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, Nepal, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Samoa, Senegal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo and Vietnam.

Volunteering in Orphanages

Over the years, our groups have worked with children at orphanages and residential care homes in our various countries around the world. They have done incredible work at these placements, improving living conditions there and creating opportunities for children by supporting their education and care. However, we have decided to move our focus away from orphanages and homes toward community and family-based care. This is because we believe stable family environments are best for the children we work with. Read more about orphanage volunteering and our position on it.

This means that instead of volunteering in orphanages, volunteers will work in placements like day care centres, kindergartens and schools, or support groups for the elderly and mothers and babies. This will help Projects Abroad build stronger relationships with local communities and – most importantly – help families stay together and flourish.  

If there is no detailed information listed below on the place where you and your group want to go please get in touch for more details. Email groups@projects-abroad.co.uk for more information.

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