Tanzania Care and Community

  • Who?Groups of at least 5
  • When?Projects have flexible dates and run all year round
  • Where?Arusha, Tanzania
Volunteer on care project
Volunteer on care project

Tanzania is a diverse country full of colour and vibrancy with expansive wilderness and miles of beaches. It has Africa’s largest lake and highest mountain and also the world-renowned Serengeti National Park. Volunteering as part of a group trip in care and community in this beautiful country is one of the most worthwhile experiences you will have.

Gap Year work with Children in Tanzania

While Tanzania is rich in beauty and culture, it is one of the World’s poorest countries. Based in Arusha, your group will spend time in schools or orphanages helping vulnerable and poor children.

Your time will be split between improving the environment for the children and spending quality time with them. Your mornings are spent working on the structure of the premises, either renovating the building, or decorating. You may get involved in gardening as well. The idea is to improve the surroundings for the children and provide them a more pleasant environment to live and learn.

In the afternoons your time is spent working with the children on different activities. You may do cooking, art, dancing, or help in the classroom with their lessons. Working in small groups or one-to-one really inspires the children and gives then the attention they may not otherwise get.

You will live in an apartment or hostel while you are in Arusha, and have plenty of time to get involved with the local community. There are a number of cultural workshops for you get involved with including Swahili lessons and Maasai culture. Projects Aboard will also organize trips for you and these can include a safari, trip to a local Maasai village and guided hikes in a national park. You return home having seen the positive impact of your volunteering, and with a wealth of stories to tell your friends and family!

This placement is fully researched, safety audited and risk assessed in accordance with the British Standard BS8848 for the Adventure Travel Sector.


Sample Itinerary

  • First week (Click for details)

    Sunday Airport pick ups
    Monday 9:00am- 10:30am Placement Induction
    11:00am-13:00pm CTA/Office Induction
    13:00am-16:00pm Money Exchange/Lunch
    16:00pm-17:00pm Drop off, Dinner
    Tuesday 9:00am-12:30pm Naserian School renovation and gardening
    12.30pm-14.00pm Lunch
    14:00pm-17:00pm Swahili/Cultural workshop
    17:00pm Drop off, Dinner
    Wednesday 9:00am-12:30pm Naserian School renovation and gardening
    12:30am-14.00pm Lunch
    14.00pm-16:30pm Games / activities
    17:00pm – 18:00pm Traditional drumming / dancing
    18:00pm-20:00pm Dinner at restaurant
    20:00pm Drop off
    Thursday 9:00am- 12.30pm Naserian School renovation and gardening
    12:30pm-14:00pm Lunch
    14:30pm-18:00pm Cooking Class
    18:30pm Drop off, Dinner
    Friday 9:00am-12.00pm Naserian School renovation and gardening
    12:30pm-15:00pm Lunch +cultural heritage centre visit
    15:00pm-17:00pm Shopping for safari/internet
    17:00pm Drop off
    Saturday Time to be arranged – early! Weekend safari trip at the Tarangire National Park
    Packed lunch
  • Second week (Click for details)

    Sunday Guided hike at Mt Meru waterfalls
    Pack lunch
    17:00pm Drop off, Dinner
    Monday 9:00am-12:30pm Naserian School renovation and gardening
    12:30pm-14:00pm Lunch
    14:00pm-17:00pm Games / activities
    17.00pm Drop off, Dinner
    Tuesday 9:00am-12:30pm Maasai culture workshop
    12:30pm-14:00pm Lunch
    14:00pm-17:00pm Naserian School renovation and gardening
    17.00pm Drop off, Dinner
    Wednesday 9:00am-17.00pm Maasai cultural day (Visit maasai village)
    Visit the maasaibomas
    Lunch (Packed from host family)
    Donation, local dancing + singing
    18:00pm Drop off, Dinner
    Thursday 9:00am-12.30pm Naserian School renovation and gardening
    12.30pm-14.00pm Lunch with the children
    14.00pm-17:00pm Donations and Games / activities with children
    17:30pm-20.00pm Dinner at restaurant
    20.00pm Drop off
    Friday 9:00am-12:00pm Visiting Maasai school
    12:00pm-13:30pm Lunch
    13:30pm- 16:00pm Shopping at the Maasai caft market
    16:00pm Drop off/packing, Dinner
    Saturday Airport drop off

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