Volunteer as a group on a Conservation project overseas

A volunteer feeds a nut to a friendly green bird.
A volunteer feeds a nut to a friendly green bird.

Conservation Projects can take your group away to amazing different environments whether you opt for a one week project or go away for a full month. You could be taking your group to learn to dive in Cambodia or Thailand before participating in a Reef Conservation Project or live in the Amazon Rainforest and work at the Taricaya Ecological Reserve. Be prepared to live somewhere very different but often with amazing sights and scenery on your doorstep. You could wake up to elephants next to your bedroom in South Africa or calls from scarlet macaws disturbing your sleep in Costa Rica!

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What you will be doing

Your group will be working alongside local experts in the field who will guide you through everything that you do. You may be tracking elephants, helping with a seahorse survey or milking cows! You can anticipate a great deal of diversity and lots of early morning starts! Whether you’re clearing a coral reef of rubbish or helping to maintain trails through the rainforest, you will be working in an amazing environment. The experts you are working with will be able to show you the positive impact you and your team are having on the ecosystem.

Combining projects

Two conservation volunteers help to set up camera traps in the South African bush.
Two conservation volunteers help to set up camera traps in the South African bush.

Our Conservation Projects are often done in combination with our other programmes. This may include you joining a community project along the road from the model farm you are working on in Ghana or helping in the neighbouring school next to our reef conservation projects in Cambodia or Thailand. In some cases you might need to travel to join the Conservation Project. Our Costa Rica Conservation Project in the remote Barra Honda National Park could be followed by a week of community work in Mexico or a week’s work on the Kwa Tuli Reserve in South Africa can be followed by a week working in a care centre in Cape Town. There are endless combinations of projects that you could fit onto your itinerary. We will organise the schedule to tie in with your group’s plans. If you want to combine projects get in touch and find out what is practical for your group to do. You can call us on 01903 708316 or email us at groups@projects-abroad.co.uk and we can put together a provisional itinerary for you.

Where you can go

Projects Abroad have Conservation Projects available in Cambodia, Costa Rica, Ecuador (Galapagos Islands), Kenya, Madagascar, Mexico, Nepal, Peru, South Africa and Thailand.

If there is no detailed information listed below on the place where you and your group want to go please get in touch for more details. Email groups@projects-abroad.co.uk for more information.

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