Morocco French and Community

  • Who?Groups of at least 5
  • When? Projects have flexible dates and run all year round
  • Where? Rabat, Morocco.
Learning Arabic in Morocco
Learning Arabic in Morocco

Groups that take part in a Care project in Morocco will find the experience challenging, but the effort will also prove incredibly rewarding. Many of the children at your placement will have health or behavioural problems, or may require extra attention due to a range of disabilities and some may have lived on the streets and never attended school. There is a great deal you can do to contribute to the general care and support of the children as staff members simply don't have time to provide the individual care and attention that the children require.

Groups will help with the day-to-day practical care of the children; ensuring they get up on time and preparing their meals, as well as playing games, organising activities and trips, and offering the children the vital one-to-one attention which they crave. The older children often require help with homework and support with developing social and life skills, and you may also find yourself teaching some basic English lessons.

You will also be taking French lessons during your project and Rabat provides a cosmopolitan setting in which to improve your French. Living with a host family in Rabat gives you a taste of the fascinating culture of modern Moroccan life and will provide the perfect opportunity to practice the French you have learnt each day.

Morocco is an exciting destination in North Africa to spend time as a volunteer. The whitewashed city of Rabat has many attractions, especially its elegant mosques, enchanting palaces, tranquil parks and gardens, its sandy beach (stretching all the way to Casablanca), and its famous blue and white Kasbah. Living and working in Morocco may be a challenge, but with so much to learn and so many magical sights to see, it's a challenge you'll be glad you accepted.

This placement is fully researched, safety audited and risk assessed in accordance with the British Standard BS8848 for the Adventure Travel Sector.

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