Nepal Medicine

  • Who?Groups of at least 5
  • When? Projects have flexible dates and run all year round
  • Where? Chitwan, Nepal
Nepal Medicine
Nepal Medicine

A group trip to Nepal to volunteer on a medicine project will give you a wealth of experience in one of the worlds poorest countries. Nepal is a truly stunning destination, and you will volunteer on a group trip with a backdrop of beautiful countryside, snow-capped mountains and roaring rivers.

Gap Year volunteer Medical projects in Nepal
Gap Year volunteer Medical projects in Nepal

You will spend time in a number of specialist hospitals. You could spend time in an eye hospital, cancer hospital or a community hospital. We also have opportunities to work with staff in a family planning hospital too. In these facilities you will rotate through various departments where you will shadow staff and have ample opportunity to discuss specific cases with them. The medical staff are keen for you to learn from them and are happy to ensure you have a worthwhile volunteering experience. You will also have chance to attend medical seminars and lectures.

The role of volunteers is observational. As volunteers are not licensed medical professionals in Nepal, the government does not permit them to do practical work in hospitals. Volunteers can however get involved with practical work during outreaches.  

At the weekend there will either be a trip to the local temples and central markets, or a trip to the huge and beautiful nature reserve of Chitwan national park.

This placement is fully researched, safety audited and risk assessed in accordance with the British Standard BS8848 for the Adventure Travel Sector.


Sample Itinerary

  • First week (Click for details)

    8.30 – 9.30Breakfast9.30 – 13.00Relax, settle in, contact family and friends to let them know that you arrived safely13.00 – 14.00Lunch at Excelsior14.00 – 19.30Rest and Relax19.30 – 20.30Dinner at the hotel2Monday8.30 – 8.45Trip to Garden of Dreams to take bus to Bharatpur8.45 – 14.00Trip to Bharatpur at Global Hotel14.00 – 15.00Lunch at Hotel Global15.00 – 16.00Rest, Internet time at Hotel Global16.00 – 18.30Orientation and Group division18.30 – 20.00Welcome dinner at the hotel Global3Tuesday08.00 – 08.3008.00 – 08.30Breakfast at the hotel Global08.45 – 13.0008.45 – 13.00Transfer to your assigned placement:
    1. CMC hospital
    2. Eye Hospital
    3. Cancer Hospital
    4. Community hospital
    5. Family planning and Marie Stropes clinic13.00 – 14.00Lunch at Hospital Canteen14.30 – 16.30Back to your placement16.30 – 18.30Rest and Relax at the hotel18.30 – 20.00Dinner4Wednesday8.00 – 8.30Breakfast at the hotel9.00 -12.00You will be transferred to the designated hospital and department.12.00 – 13.00Lunch at the Hospital Canteen13.00 – 16.30Back to your placement where you will be assigned a department17.00 – 18.30Yoga Class at Hotel Global18.30 – 20.00Dinner5Thursday8.00 – 8.30Breakfast09.00 – 12.0009.00 – 12.00Hospital-go to your designated placement/department12.00 -13.00Lunch at Hospital Canteen13.00 - 16.00Returning to the day’s program in different hospitals, departments16.00 – 17.00Lecture on Common Poisoning: Dr. Daya Ram Lamsal17.00 – 18.30Relax and Rest time18.30 – 20.00Dinner at the hotel6Friday8.00 - 8.30Breakfast8.30Trip to Chitwan National Park by Tourist bus9.00 – 20.00Welcome drink and lunch / Elephant breeding center/ Sunset view / Dinner with culture dance7Saturday07.00 – 17.00Breakfast/Jungle walk / Cannoning / Lunch /Elephant bathing /Elephant ride / Dinner17.00- 17.45Bus drive back to Bharatpur Gobal Hotel17.45 – 18.30Rest and Relax at the hotel18.30 – 20.00Dinner at Hotel Global
    Day No. Weekday Time Activity
    1 Sunday Depending on time of Arrival Arrival. You will be met at the airport by the Projects Abroad Coordinator and Excelsior Hotel staff.
  • Second week (Click for details)

    9.00 – 12.00Kailash Nagar, CMC, Lecture on Anatomy and demonstration12.00 – 13.00Lunch at the hotel15.30 – 17.00Visit local area18.30 – 20.00Dinner at the hotel9Monday8.00 – 8.30Breakfast9.00 – 12.00Hospital - go to your placement and department12.00 – 13.00Lunch at the Hospital Canteen13.00 – 15.30Back to your department in the Hospital16.00 – 17.00Lecture on Pathology17.30 – 18.30Rest and Relax at the hotel18.30 – 20.00Dinner10Tuesday8.00 – 8.30Breakfast9.00 – 12.00Hospital-go to the placement and department assigned to you12.00 – 13.00Lunch at the hospital Canteen13.30 – 17.00Returning to the day’s program in different hospitals, departments17.00 -18.30Rest and Relax time18.30 – 20.00Dinner at the hotel –Nepali food11Wednesday8.00 – 8.30Breakfast9.00 – 12.00Hospital – you will go to your designated placement /department12.00 – 13.00Lunch at the hospital Canteen13.00 – 16.00Returning to the day’s program in different hospitals, departments17.00 – 18.00Rest and relax, start packing18.30 – 20.00Dinner at the hotel12Thursday8.00 – 8.30Breakfast8.00 – 14.00Trip back to Kathmandu14.00 – 15.00Lunch at the Excelsior Hotel15.00 – 18.30Rest and relax, Shopping time in Thamel18.30 – 20.00Dinner at the hotel13Friday08.00 – 09.0008.00 – 09.00Breakfast9.30 – 10.00MSPN – brief about the HIV centre/spending time with the children10.30 -12.00Visit at NRH – lecture about malnutrition in Nepal/ case studies followed by activities with the children12.00 - 13.00Lunch at NRH13.30 – 17.00Visit at Swayambunath temple17.30 – 18.30Rest and relax18.30 – 20.00Traditional Nepali dinner at Excelsior Hotel14SaturdayDepending on time of flightHotel Excelsior –Airport transfer
    Day No. Weekday Time Activity
    8 Sunday 08.00 – 8.30 Breakfast

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