Ghana Sports Volunteer has Goal of International Football Career

Cantonments FC
Cantonments FC

Ben Jacobs is currently taking part in our Football Coaching Project in Ghana. Since starting the project he has been coaching at Cantonments FC, a local football club and training with Inter Millas a Ghanaian football team that plays in the country's second division.

The chance to train with some of Ghana's football stars of the future is a possibility for all volunteers joining the Football Project. Many football volunteers also get to work with former Stuttgart star, Salim Baroudi who is one of the football project supervisors and now manages Inter Millas.

Inter Millas FC
Inter Millas FC

Ben tells us; 'We had been here a couple of weeks when we were asked if we fancied training with Inter. We do our coaching in the late afternoon, so we have some spare time. Because of the heat we play our games at 7.30 in the morning, which is just crazy, but due to the scorching temperatures, people are up and starting their day at four in the morning.

The pitches aren't great either. They're mostly made up of sand, with bits of gravel in it, so you have to stop the ball from bouncing or it's like a rugby ball – you have no idea where it's going to go! But the first touch of some of these players is incredible."

Training with Inter Millas
Training with Inter Millas

Ben has now made three friendly appearances for Inter and is enjoying the chance to play in front of big crowds. With the improvements that he has made to his game since volunteering in Ghana, Ben is keen to see where his enhanced skills could take him in the future.

He explains; "I'm lucky, my grandmother is from Luxembourg, and I'm hoping that if I play for a semi-professional side while I'm at university I can grab their attention. If I could play international football it would be a dream come true."

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