Projects Abroad looks likely to produce the next Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis
Leona Lewis
We are starting to work with Leona Lewis's voice coach Janet Edwards. Since Leona came to prominence, a key to her success has been the work that Janet has done to develop her vocal skills. When Jonatan Arriaga of Projects Abroad put forward the idea of a Rock School in Guadalajara, Mexico, Janet was one of the first people to hold up her hand and say she wanted to be involved. Her singing academy has worked with all types of stars with music ranging from classical to rock.

She is keen to get out to Mexico to help out Jonatan to bring a real understanding of rock music to students and many others in the city of Guadalajara where he lives. Jonatan has already been teaching many young students different instruments and styles of rock music. He hopes to develop the school, so that it follows the more established rock schools model of examinations and grading's for rock music. The next step is creating a website to help promote the school – and Jonatan's band, Nightstorm.

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