Emirates Airline Foundation helps Water Sanitation Project in Tanzania

Emirates Airline Foundation logo
Emirates Airline Foundation logo

A surprise email was received by Projects Abroad asking to sponsor the flights of some volunteers joining the Water Sanitation Project in Arusha.
Emirates Airline Foundation kindly sponsored the flights for eight volunteers who have joined the project instigated by Wendy Tisdell from Bridgit Water in Australia. Over the last few years Wendy has been working with Projects Abroad starting as a volunteer in Jamaica before working on a Sanitation Project in Jamaica last year and Tanzania this year.

Tanzanian hosts
Tanzanian hosts

When Wendy Tisdell from Bridgit Water first heard about the offer she said:
"I was completely gob smacked by and not expecting anything like this. We are just a bunch of people who like to travel, to experience different cultures and to spend their money in a way that will be beneficial and help other people in a sustainable way."

Ian Birbeck, Recruitment Director at Projects Abroad said:
"I got an email from Scott at The Emirates Foundation which took me by surprise. At first it seemed like one of those too good to be true offers. It has ended up paying for flights for eight volunteers to go out and really make a difference helping at local hospitals and community centres in and around Arusha."

Thank you to everyone at the Emirates Airline Foundation for their support.

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