Thank you to Colden Common Youth Football Club

By Ian Birbeck, Recruitment Director - Projects Abroad UK

Last week I received an email from Graham Spencer from Colden Common Youth Football Club ( saying he had a number of shirts we could take out to some of our football projects overseas. Colden Common Youth team are based near Eastleigh, Southampton. Last Tuesday I was passing through and called in on Graham who proceeded to fill my car with about 200 football shirts as well as socks, shirts, training tops etc.

Ghana football
Ghana football

Graham passed me a couple of Colden Common pennants which we can pass over to the team which receives them. There are lots of teams which will be proud to run out in Colden colours. We hope to take some to South Africa and some others to Ghana. I know from my time in Ghana last summer that there will be an eager response from our Cantonments club.

The next task is to get the shirts overseas. Staff will be taking extra luggage on their upcoming trips to Ghana and South Africa. If anyone knows an airline willing to courier them out free from extortionate couriering fees please let me know.

Thank you to Graham and Colden Common Youth F.C. Colden Common were founded thirty years ago to offer local children in the village to play and enjoy football. With now over twenty teams they have clearly done a great job at home. It is great that they are now able to help young footballers on the other side of the world.

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