New 'Madurai Messenger' website launched!

New 'Madurai Messenger' website launched!
New 'Madurai Messenger' website launched!

Journalism volunteers in India now have full access to our new 'Madurai Messenger' website.

Opportunities for photo journalism, video reporting and writing in other languages mark the three resounding changes.

The drastic design changes give the website a bolder and composed look.

The 'Articles in Other Languages' section allows volunteers to write in their mother tongue or any language they feel comfortable with. The process of online journalism allows them to write about any topic they want. The idea is to encourage the volunteers to take their own initiative and find stories themselves and create something unique from it.

Volunteers will not be restricted just to write articles, but can also take part in photo and video reporting. Equipment is available in our office in India and journalists can learn new skills or show off their skills.

The 'Collaborative Article' section offers a fascinating prospect of working with Indian university students or children in schools to write articles together. The inside view of the local people will benefit the volunteers to gain knowledge and produce articles with in-depth analysis and thought.

Mrs Elisa Glangeaud, who oversaw the changes to the website, said: "It looks like a real professional website, similar to any big press. It is modern, suited to the real changes in society and gives volunteers a more complete view of journalism."

Journalism in India is based in Madurai, or the 'Temple City', an ancient city full of history, but also brimming with new stories to be told. Volunteers will never be short of stories in this enchanting city.

Check out the website at

The website of our South African publication, 'Cape Chameleon', will be launched by the end of this year.

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