Possible New Species Found at Taricaya

Possible New Species Found at Taricaya
Possible New Species Found at Taricaya

Since Projects Abroad began working on its highly impressive and important conservation project in Peru, we have recorded 52 species of bat in the Reserva Ecologica Taricaya (Taricaya Lodge).

We have now discovered 3 new species of great importance due to their taxonomic status with a high probability of them being new species to science.

Those three new species are the Carollia, Rhinophylla and Trinycteris. The carollia is very similar to the manu and brevicauda species but with notable differences in both body size and dental structure. The Rhinophylla demonstrates similar characteristics to the pumilio and fischerae but differs due to a slight border of hairs along the edge of the uropatagium and two very faint grooves on the upper external incisors with a space between these teeth and the canines. The trinycteris is distinct in being smaller and having a distinct body hair colouration from other bats in this genus.

The carollia is a previously undescribed species with no other recordings of it in any published literature. Projects Abroad has sent the findings to US specialists in the field of bat studies to verify the findings.

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