A Recipe for Care Volunteers!

Play dough snail
Play dough snail
Volunteering on a Care project requires lots of enthusiasm, energy and, of course, ideas! Why not dust off the memories of your old childhood games, and share these with the children on your project? Former care volunteer in Argentina, Line Christensen, did just this and revealed her simple but brilliant idea of making play dough!

This ingenious dough, which I am sure you're all familiar with, is a great activity for children of all ages. It is a simple and fun way to spend the afternoon, moulding shapes into animals, people, plants, you name it!


1 part salt
2 parts flour
1/3 part oil
Warm water

Combine all the ingredients and knead them together until the dough is like plasticine, not sticky but not dry. It will then be ready to play with. Once the sculptures have been made the dough needs to be baked to dry it out, for about 2 hours at 180°C. Then finally, it's time to get the paints out!

This fun-filled activity lasted Line and her children for two days and even the staff loved it! Line's handy hint – 'it's a great idea to poke a hole in the shapes to be able to put them on a string and hang them on display!'

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