Win a Grant of £700 Towards an Elective Placement

Medical volunteer
Medical volunteer
The Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) is giving a £700 grant to two volunteers taking an elective placement in the near future. The Royal Society of Medicine gives a series of grants throughout the year and they are now looking to award grants to two elective students to tie in with their campaign on Global Health.

Billed as the 'Global Health Young Leaders Award' this is a golden opportunity to take an overseas elective with less cost to the volunteer. To apply candidates need to produce an essay on the topic 'Managing patients with HIV in communities with severely limited resources'. The best two essays will win the grants. Click here for more information.

Projects Abroad is advising volunteers keen to apply for this grant to consider one of the destinations in which we offer elective placements. Projects Abroad also work specifically with HIV/AIDS patients in Ghana and have elective options in many other countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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