Cambodia Conservation Project: Seahorse Update

Volunteer with seahorses
Volunteer with seahorses

In June 2012 Projects Abroad sent two of the UK’s leading seahorse experts to Cambodia to visit our Marine Conservation project. Thanks to their help we have come up with some really interesting conclusions.

The aim of their visit was to implement a series of mini-projects. These are going to further develop our current seahorse research programme.

The trip was a complete success. We learnt a great deal from them, not least the importance of focusing on the ecosystem as a whole. This will enable us to expand our knowledge of these mysterious creatures.

Over the coming months we shall be collaborating closely with The Seahorse Trust and Save Our Seahorses. The plan is to increase our focus on seahorse activity. Volunteers will play a crucial part in the marking of seahorse locations. They will also carry out observational and behavioural studies. This will help us to discover more about the seahorses of Cambodia.

This is a really exciting time to become a part of this project.

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