First Aid Course for Teachers in Togo

First Aid Course in Togo
First Aid Course in Togo
Teaching volunteer Sophie Greiner recently organised a first aid course for the teachers at her placement. Sophie, from Munich, Germany, was placed at l’École Newton in Lomé, Togo’s capital city.

After an incident that occurred at the school, where a student passed out in the classroom, Sophie noticed that the teachers did not really know what to do, so she intervened and started basic first aid techniques to resuscitate her.

“It was after this incident that I realised how important a first aid course would be for the teachers at Newton School. At home in Germany, a firstaid course is mandatory, but of course here in Togo there are not many opportunities to enrol in a basic first aid course.”

Sophie took it upon herself to organise a first aid workshop for the teachers at her placement, she spoke with Kwamé, the director of Projects Abroad Togo and the principal of Newton School who gave her the go ahead.

“I showed them what to do in the event of a respiratory arrest and how to deal with cases of unconsciousness and fainting.”

Thanks to Sophie, the teachers at l’École Newton are now equipped to deal with minor medical challenges, which could save a person’s life!

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