Projects Abroad opens three new day care centres with the Khemara Organisation

Care in Cambodia
Care in Cambodia
Established in 1991, the Khemara Organisation was the first local NGO in Cambodia which played a significant role in working for the advancement of women and children in Cambodia by working directly with communities. Its goal is to support vulnerable people including women, children and disadvantaged families.

In the Khemara Organisation, there are six day care centres in Phnom Penh with 25 to 40 children from the ages of three to six-years-old. These centres provide lessons in basic Khmer and English; the centre also provides lunch and snacks for these children. 

Projects Abroad decided to fully support Khemara Organisation to open another three day care centres in January 2014.

There are five main goals that that are expected to be accomplished in the long term: improve the English language skills of the children and local teachers, accelerate early childhood development, improve hygiene levels, increase the level of stimulation of each child, and to improve quality of life for the disabled children.

Projects Abroad in Cambodia believe that by allocating volunteers to these centres, with the support of the local staff, we will reach our goals.

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