International Volunteering Projects for University Groups

Volunteering Projects for University Groups
Volunteering Projects for University Groups
University groups can benefit from the wide range of projects that Projects Abroad has to offer in the developing world. Whether it’s a Student Union group trip or a faculty group project related to your studies, we aim to offer a bespoke trip for the needs of your group. Our projects are available for groups of five to one hundred students and we aim to take the pressure off of you by ensuring that the trip is safe, rewarding and enjoyable for all of those involved.
University groups benefit greatly from these projects as it not only allows them to gain invaluable experience, which may not be available in the UK, but it also offers the chance to sample another culture and to make new connections with other students from their University that they may not have met otherwise. It is possible for Projects Abroad to collaborate with specific faculties in order to arrange a project that may be a part of the student’s coursework or dissertation. Whether it’s a Nursing department looking for hands-on work experience in a developing country or the Sciences department interested in getting students involved in Conservation volunteering, there is something for everyone.
Projects Abroad has been specialising in arranging volunteer placements in the developing world since it was founded in 1992. Over the last few decades we have sent over 100,000 volunteers from each corner of the globe to hundreds of different projects across 30 destinations and volunteering as part of a group has grown dramatically during that time.

What Projects Abroad Provides:

  • Projects Abroad offers one free staff place for each nine students that travel
  • Projects Abroad are happy to come and visit you to talk about the trip, before you’ve even signed up
  • Projects Abroad will talk to the students about all aspects of the trip and provide parents with the opportunity to have all their questions answered
  • All our group trips have a full risk assessment carried out
  • Projects Abroad will support you and the group from application to departure
  • We can give ideas on fundraising and help with flights, insurance and advice on what the group should take with them on their trip
  • Projects Abroad provides a comprehensive induction and orientation, as well as detailed itineraries


Volunteering Projects for University Groups
Volunteering Projects for University Groups
As Projects Abroad offers a wide variety of projects, many of our University groups find that they would like to experience more than just one project so that they can have a more significant impact in their destination and on themselves. This may be by combining projects together such as Teaching and Building. This would allow the students to experience what it is like to be on the other side of the classroom passing their knowledge on to others as well as leaving a more lasting reminder of their trip through the building of a classroom or homes that will be used by the local community for many years to come.
At Projects Abroad we understand that every group will have their own aspirations for a project, so we offer you the chance to tailor your group trip experience - choosing where you go, how long for and what project you volunteer on. You tell us your time frames and we will fit these in with the needs and requirements of our 30 destination countries.
“I look back with great satisfaction and pride with what our DSTU was able to achieve during the two weeks in Nakuru, making a real impact to the local community that we lived in for those two weeks. I had an amazing time in what is an amazing country and I am grateful for the organisation of the programme by Projects Abroad and the MOD for giving us the opportunity to go. I feel that it really developed our teamwork skills as a group as well as my own personal skills. It was the experience of a lifetime.”

Matt Smith –Loughborough University

If you want to read an example of a previous university group, please see DTUS's case study.

If you want more information on the types of projects that your university group can get involved with, please see here.

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