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Volunteer on a Care placement in Sri Lanka

Fundraising is an integral part of a group trip, but the thought of raising rather a lot of money can be daunting. So how are you going to do it? Don't panic we are here to help with some tried and tested fund-raising ideas!

Fundraising is the first challenge of a Projects Abroad placement. The key is to be imaginative as well as resourceful; its important to remember fundraising can be great fun and also allows you to take creative ideas and run with them for a great cause. You will be surprised at the generosity and support you receive, whether through donations, grants or trust funds, there are endless opportunities to expand your bank balance before you take off to your chosen destination.

Here are some original fundraising ideas used by recent groups

  • Homemade Ice Cream – A group of students from Drumragh College cashed in on the high temperatures of June and raised £ 900 towards their trip to Ethiopia.
  • Locked up – So you have signed up for a conservation project? Ever thought of switching places with the animals in a local Zoo for donations?
  • Fashion Show – Do you consider yourself a bit of a Fashionista, why not hold your own catwalk show?

Projects Abroad can provide you with a detailed fundraising pack with ideas, planning methods and letter writing techniques.

"I undertook the 'Three Peaks Challenge,' which is as horrible as it sounds! It involved climbing Ben Nevis Scarfell Pike and Snowdonia in 48 hours, dragging my Dad along too. It was worth the battle as it raised loads of money in sponsorship being so unusual. The fact that it was such a strenuous and demanding goal meant that people were more willing to donate more as they felt it showed that I was really committed to my project in Ghana. I also received a travel award from my school too, which was an added bonus."
Sarah Lewis, Journalism in Ghana

Case study

  • GROUP: Rainford College
  • AGE: 17 – 18 years old
  • PROJECT: Care and Community
  • TARGET: £ 5,000
  • HOW?Cake Sales - £ 1,000 | Bag packing at local supermarket - £ 2,000 | Talent Show- £ 500 | Car Wash - £ 500 | Autograph Auction - £ 450

Promote yourself and your project

You will be constantly asked what you are doing and why you should be funded, so think about what you might say. Research a little into your project or placement and the country you are going to. We can provide you with pictures, t-shirts and any other visual aid you may require to make your job easier.

Fundraising really shouldn't be as daunting as it seems. Hundreds have done it before you and have succeeded. Motivation and enthusiasm will stand you in good stead and with a little planning and organisation you'll be well on your way. Finally, if you need any assistance or further advice do not hesitate to contact us here at Projects Abroad. Many of us were volunteers ourselves and have embarked on our own weird and wonderful methods of fundraising as well.

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